Regarding Poker Tournaments

Your Social Club and our ambassadors have been committed to hosting a 2019 poker tournament. Over the years the club has hosted tournaments with major prizes being trips to Vanuatu, to $10,000 Aussie Millions buy-ins and even trips to Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, of late, the interest to play in tournaments has been very low, with un-budgeted membership fees being called on to cover the high costs of each respective tournament.

Subsequently the YSC committee has decided that it cannot keep running the tournaments using the membership fees at a significant loss.
We do want to host poker tournaments, and our members keep telling us the same; however we cannot justify the losses we are currently experiencing.
We would like your advice, how can we have tournaments that members will participate in? We hope to have tournaments up and running again in the near future.

If you have any advice, please contact us, and let us know.