We’ve changed our Xmas Party policy again:

Due to the overwhelming response from our YSC SOCIAL members wanting to attend our Xmas Party, our YSC Ambassadors have made the decision to allow YSC SOCIAL members to attend the 2018 Xmas Party.

The Gold Coast Xmas Party is on the 17th of December, and is now open to both YSC SOCIAL and YSC GOLD members.
If you aren’t a member, and want to attend the party, you will need to sign up for one of those membership levels.

YSC GOLD members will receive four free drinks on the night AND have the ability to bring up to four friends with them.

Bookings are ESSENTIAL. If you do not book, you will be turned away on the night.

Please make sure you are booking for your appropriate membership level. Bookings will be cross-referenced to our membership database, and only GOLD members who are up to date on their membership fees will be allowed to bring guests and receive their four free drinks.

Head to our 2018 Gold Coast Xmas Party event page to book now.