Tell us the easiest way for you to get hold of your 2022 membership tag

 We want to find the easiest and quickest way for you to collect your vouchers

Collect them at work?

From a YSC Ambassador

From your team leader 

From the social club box in the hallway at The Star

From the social club office (now by the induction room)

Post them to You ?

We will post the passes and drink cards to you 

2022 membership tags

OK, the masks are off and we are back in the game ! If you have joined the social club during COVID, your membership is now commencing its duration of a years subscription. What this means is you are a member up till March the 4th 2023!
  • Do you love the social club as much as we do ?
    Its so much fun, little amount of work, and you get extra drinks at parties, go to ALL events for free!
    I understand that if my membership has expired I give permission to YSC to deduct a once of payment of $107.80. through STAR PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS. CREDIT CARD the annual membership fee is $98.00 (we will contact you) If your membership fees are up to date, no additional charges will be made.
    We are getting more vouchers, drink cards, coupons etc now that we are coming out of the restrictions. What is the best way for us to get these to you?
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