The Envy Hotel

Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast’s premier entertainment and dinning destination – Broadbeach.

The Envy hotel is a modern design, with some very special features bringing something very unique and appealing to the Gold Coast.

Large feature doors that allows the Gold Coast’s wonderful weather to flow in to the Envy bars, glass stairs that lead from the ground floor to entice you to explore. Architectural lighting that complements the many other features of the The Envy Hotel.

The Envy Hotel is uniquely different and has been designed to entertain you in a way the Gold Coast has never seen.

The Envy Hotel are offering the following offer for YSC members:

$16 for Meal & Pot of Beer or Wine:

The meal can be a selection of anything from the attached ’$14 Meal Specials’ section of the menu (13 selections).
The wine is our house wine (which is actually really good!) And the Beer is from our range of Carlton products on TAP (Draught, VB, Mid, Great Northern, Carlton Dry, Pure Blonde).

Where you can find them: