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Your Social Club provides your team with an exciting social club that they can enjoy and participate in for FREE.

To gain incredible additional benefits employees have an option to upgrading to YSC Gold Club for an annual fee or a weekly payroll deduction.

We provide you with a vibrant and engaging club that we will coordinate form conception to completion which will;

  • Reinforce your position as an employer of choice through our program
  • Provide your BOH team with TIME – we will do the work
  • Provide you with our experience and contacts to deliver positive outcomes to your team
  • Offer protection from Public Liability concerns
  • Offer recruitment opportunities
  • Support your nominated Charities
  • Promote your business to our client database
  • Reinforce the companies mental health programs




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Your Social Club Gold Membership and Your Social Club Social Membership – what’s the difference?

Your Social Club Gold is full, paid membership; whereas Your Social Club Social is a limited, free version. Here is a breakdown of what you can get in Your Social Club Gold versus Your Social Club Social:

What you're getting:Your Social Club SocialYour Social Club Gold
The ability to participate in all YSC tournaments Yes Yes
Access to all the YSC partner offers Yes Yes
The ability to attend YSC events Yes Yes
Reduced prices on theme park passes Yes Yes
Reduced prices on perfume sales Yes Yes
Reduced prices on Comfort Sleep Bedding sales Yes Yes
Reduced prices on Draculas passes Yes Yes
Invitations to the YSC Xmas in July parties No Yes
Invitations to the YSC Xmas parties No Yes
Double passes to over 16 movies per year No Yes
AFL free draws No Yes
NRL free draws No Yes
Monthly free draws from partner companies No Yes
Invitations for four friends to Xmas and Xmas in July parties No Yes
4 free drinks at the Xmas and Xmas in July parties No Yes
Reduced prices for YSC events No Yes
Free kids Xmas party No Yes
Free kids Easter egg hunt No Yes
Discounted T20 Cricket tickets No Yes
YSC GOLD tag No Yes

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